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How To Style Yourself.

How to Style Yourself is an online video course that teaches people of all shapes and sizes how to style themselves, developed by Celebrity Style Expert, Stephany Greene.


Numerous fashion brands designed by Stephany include

In only 10 steps
you’ll learn:

✔︎ Stephany's top 7 style secrets

✔︎ How to discover your personal style  

✔︎ How to style yourself from head to toe

✔︎ How to dress your best for any occasion 

✔︎ How to look great at a moment’s notice

I'm ready to bloom! Show me NOW!

Learn How To Style Yourself in 10 Steps
with My Online Video Course

Want to transform your style - but lack experience, time or money?

Wouldn't you love a makeover for a special event - or every day?

Want secrets to style your curves?

Are you job seeking, on the dating scene...and want to get noticed?

Wish you could hire a celebrity stylist, but can’t afford one? 

Are you ready to live your life in full bloom?

If you answered YES, then this course is for you.

You'll be styling yourself in no time!


Hi! I'm Stephany,
I know how you feel because I have struggled with the same challenges! So I dedicated my life to helping others feel better about themselves (by using style as my secret tool). As a Fashion Style Expert and Designer, I create style solutions that make my clients feel as fabulous as they look...and with my course, now I can help you too!

How to Style Yourself Online Course

My course demonstrates the skills, secrets and tips I have used to help countless clients (including celebrities and executives) empower their style with their self esteem, and I show you - in only 10 steps.

As a Style Expert and Fashion Designer, the collections I designed have earned over $90 million for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, The NFL and The NBA.

It starts from the inside out.
After I help you understand your inner self, I show you how to use and empower your feelings to dress your best and…

Change the way you look and feel.
Change the way you see yourself.
Change the way others see you.

This course is about
more than fashion.

This course is about
more than style.

This course is

Unleash your power to step into a life that is truly spectacular!

Have the happiness you deserve, a stylish look that is entirely you, and the courage to dare to do MORE.

There are no limits to your power!

Once you transform your look, you'll discover that obstacles start to disappear...
because feeling good
means looking good,
and you’ll be more
confident than ever before.

What will the results of this course do for your life?

Did you know you can advance your career with more powerful style?

The Way You Dress

When meeting new people, 55% of the impact comes from the way the person dresses, acts and walks through the door.

Job Deciding Factor

65% of bosses say clothes
could be the deciding factor
between job candidates.

Within The First 90 Seconds

33% of 2,000 bosses surveyed know whether they will hire someone within the first 90 seconds of an interview.

I don’t want to spoil the end of the story

...but a powerful and a well-packaged person gets what they want.

You can get that job you always wanted.

You can find a partner who truly loves you for you.

You can see your dreams fully realized.

All it takes is standing in your power – and I am here to help you snatch it back from anything or anyone who ever stole it from you.

What's Included & What You'll Learn

✔︎ Online access 24/7 on any device anywhere
✔︎ Lifetime access to course and materials
✔︎ 19 videos + 10 eBooks 
✔︎ My easy step-by-step guide to discovering your own style
✔︎ How to stretch your wardrobe, even if you're on a tight budget
✔︎ How to give old clothes new life
✔︎ My top 7 style secrets
✔︎ My strategies for discovering your personal style
✔︎ My secrets to flatter your figure and forget your flaws™
✔︎ How to discover your best assets
✔︎ Easy steps to style yourself from head to toe
✔︎ How to dress your best for any occasion
✔︎ How to look great on a minute’s notice
✔︎ Your own password protected portal to view online 

It took me decades of styling countless clients to master my style secrets - and I’ll show you in only 10 easy steps!


Learn My
Transformational Styling Secrets

Ready to Bloom? Start today!




  • 1 Video
  • Watch anytime
  • On any device
  • Lifetime Access
  • 1 eBook with 1 workbook
  • A new perspective that’s about MORE than style.
  • The SECRET about my course
  • The “real way to look at fashion, and how to use it for yourself
  • Relax, feel free, and flexible on your own time




  • 19 Videos
  • 10 eBooks
  • Watch anytime
  • On any device
  • Lifetime Access
  • Step-by-step guide to finding your own style
  • My secrets to flatter your figure and forget your flaws™






  • 19 Videos
  • 10 eBooks
  • Watch anytime
  • On any device
  • Lifetime Access
  • Step-by-step guide to finding your own style
  • My secrets to flatter your figure and forget your flaws™



"Empowering, innovative, and authentic. Stephany’s Style Secrets dispel typically critical advice and replace it with steps that make anyone feel fabulous. As a true industry expert, Stephany uses her talents to teach everyone how to dress and live their best…"

Lynda Erkiletian
Star, The Real Housewives of DC, President, THE Artist Agency

"Stephany Greene knows style. Her eye for image is spot on!"

Lloyd Boston
NBC Today Show’s Emmy nominated TV Host/Style Expert/Author

"What you wear on the outside is truly a reflection of who you are on the inside, and Stephany Greene is the absolute embodiment of creativity, success and passion. I am thrilled that she is finally sharing her secrets with the world, allowing others to live, learn and follow in the footsteps of this inspirational fashion icon. Stephany – success is just her style."

Oscar Feldenkreis
President and Chief Operating Officer, Perry Ellis International

"Stephany helped me so much in putting together outfits with accessories and going through my closet. I now have a closet full of clothes I love and it is very easy for me to pull together a complete look for any occasion. I have grouped accessories by color and just love it. It takes quite a bit of effort on your part but you will be very pleased with the end result. So worth the money!!!"

Kerri S. White

"Hi Stephany. Just finished How To Style Yourself. Loved the tips. In fact, I went through my closet and gave away so many shoes and clothes that were not my happy clothes. So here is a look I created with your help."

Wendy Sharpe

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